Lono Sauces is the brainchild of two friends and business partners, Jeff Terando and Blake Creager.

After spending about two decades seeking out the perfect spicy marriage with a rotating cast of hot sauce flings and damn-near one night stands, Blake got philosophical for the first time in his life and asked a question: why have 25 middling hot sauces on his shelf when he could have 2 or 3 amazing ones? He looked, and searched, and eventually came up wanting. So he asked a second question: how hard could it be to make your own hot sauce?

Pretty hard, it turns out. Using his friends and family as Scoville scale guinea pigs, Blake got to work making his perfect bottle of hot sauce. After some superbly bland and over the top awful sauces the trial and error stage began to pay off with some unique sauces and a roadmap to his desired perfect mix of spicy, sweet, salty and citrus hot sauce. After the first few batches of his new concoction the opinion was unanimous: the sauce was so hot that no sane person would eat or purchase it, unless as a practical joke. Blake, it should be noted, loved it. But he lowered the heat, and tinkered with the taste, and soon the opinion was again unanimous: Blake had made one hell of a hot sauce.

Enter long-time friend (and guinea pig) Jeff with a kindred love of hot sauce and a business plan. Bam – Lono Sauces was born. With two signature sauces (and more to come) Lono Sauces is available for sale in a dozen stores and available to eat in dozens of restaurants, and is always available online.